Hello! I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Ohio. I work at a Christian counseling center in the charming town of Bellefontaine, Ohio. My husband and I moved here in summer of 2018 so he could pastor the First Christian Church of Bellefontaine, which is a Disciples of Christ congregation. We knew the church was a perfect fit not only because the community has been so warm and welcoming, but because I am able to have a meaningful vocation in this small town also, working at the church’s own counseling center!

My joint passions are spirituality and psychology. I love my work counseling children, teens, and adults. I equally love reading, writing, and wrestling with spiritual issues. Many of the posts on my website stand at the intersection of these two topics or are at least related to one of them. 

I desire to live a meaningful and authentic life. I believe that deep inner work leads us to God. I believe science can do the exact same. I question (quietly) the status quo, and when I am brave enough, vocalize my thoughts. I am sensitive to the needs and emotions of others. I am often socially anxious (but the one-on-one counseling setting works for me). I love learning and sharing ideas but am afraid of conflict. Putting my thoughts out there in public is both terrifying and exhilarating. I keep writing even when no one is reading because I still feel driven to do it.

If you recognize yourself in any of this or are curious or want to dialogue: come on, let’s journey together. Life is richer when we share it.