Welcome! If you desire to recover from traumatic childhood or adult experiences, if you believe in the power of spirituality beyond the confines of religion, and if you believe in the power of love but are not naive enough to think it is easy to practice – then I think you will find resonance within these pages!

My name is Christine Greenwald, and I am a therapist and writer. I am a fully licensed mental health counselor in the state of Ohio. In my therapeutic practice, I specialize in helping people recover from complex trauma of various origins that has caused shame, anxiety, guilt, depression, relationship issues, and more. In my writing, I focus particularly on religious trauma and its psychological and spiritual impacts.

As a therapist and a writer, I want to create a space where people can heal from old wounds – religious or otherwise – and choose new, vibrant ways of existing with themselves and in the world. If this is something you desire, I invite you to peruse my website and contact me if you want more information.

You can explore my blog for plenty of posts related to healthy spirituality, religious trauma, and how to become the kind of person who experiences transformational inner change that empowers us to change the world around us. If you are interested in counseling services, please check out the “Contact me” page!